A tribute to Cosmos

I just ran across this today, thanks Slashdot. It’s a tribute to Carl Sagan of Cosmos fame and was put together by auto-tuning Sagan’s own dialogue. Auto-tuning is a method by which you can change the pitch of an existing sound. It is often used to “fix” mistakes musicians make when recording. More recently, it has been used to create entire new works of art by modifying the pitch of recordings to the point of distortion and “tuning” them to follow a given musical flow. In the end, you end up with something like the following video:

You can download this video, or an MP3 of this from the artists site. I also recommend checking out The Gregory Brothers and all of their auto-tuning goodness.


So, my wife was watching Boomerang with the kids last night.  Duck Dodgers was on, which is always great for a few laughs.  Well, she saw this particular episode and decided to rewind it for me to watch..  Well worth it.  I’ve seen the end before and was astonished..  The joining of two greats…  Megadeth is one of my all time favorite bands, and Daffy Duck is just hysterical..   So, without further ado, “MEGADUCK!”

Nerdcore Rising

I can’t remember when exactly I was introduced to MC Frontalot, but I do know it was a few years ago. It probably had something to do with Penny Arcade at the time.

Regardless, MC Frontalot is a rapper. I’m not really a rap type of person, but this particular rapper grabbed my attention. He raps about technology, gaming, and other topics that so-called Nerds are into. If you’re interested, he has a bunch of MP3s available on his site.

The interesting part of all of this is that he has a movie coming out called Nerdcore Rising. Well, that is, a movie is coming out that has him in it. Well, it’s more of a documentary, but you get the idea.

I’m actually finding myself pretty excited about seeing it and I thought I’d pass on the info. There are, to my knowledge, no confirmed bookings at this time, but you can request a booking via their homepage. And if you don’t get to see it in a theater, then perhaps you can pick it up on DVD when it comes out.

Check out the site, and check out some of the other Nerdcore rappers :

And if you’re interested in video game music in general, check these out :