Nerdcore Rising

I can’t remember when exactly I was introduced to MC Frontalot, but I do know it was a few years ago. It probably had something to do with Penny Arcade at the time.

Regardless, MC Frontalot is a rapper. I’m not really a rap type of person, but this particular rapper grabbed my attention. He raps about technology, gaming, and other topics that so-called Nerds are into. If you’re interested, he has a bunch of MP3s available on his site.

The interesting part of all of this is that he has a movie coming out called Nerdcore Rising. Well, that is, a movie is coming out that has him in it. Well, it’s more of a documentary, but you get the idea.

I’m actually finding myself pretty excited about seeing it and I thought I’d pass on the info. There are, to my knowledge, no confirmed bookings at this time, but you can request a booking via their homepage. And if you don’t get to see it in a theater, then perhaps you can pick it up on DVD when it comes out.

Check out the site, and check out some of the other Nerdcore rappers :

And if you’re interested in video game music in general, check these out :

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