New Marvel Anime

I’m not a die-hard comic nut, but I do enjoy reading the occasional comic now and again. And while my comic preferences don’t tend towards your typical superhero genre, aka Superman, X-Men, etc., I do get a bit geeked out about some of them coming to the big screen. Iron Man was a particularly excellent film, as was The Incredible Hulk, the more recent one, not that crappy train-wreck that came before it.

Of the comic authors I truly enjoy, Warren Ellis has a pretty decent lead on the rest. He has hit just about every genre I can think of, and each story is unique, enjoyable, engrossing, and more often than not, pretty gruesome too. At Comic-con this year, he announced two movie projects he’s working on, complete with trailers! As he pointed out on his blog, these are both test animations, intended to show off the style, not the content. So take these with a grain of salt. That said, I think the style is incredible.

The first trailer here is for Iron Man.

This next trailer, and the one I’m much more excited about, is Wolverine.

Both of these look gorgeous, and I love the marriage of American comic heroes with east-asian anime style. From what Ellis states on his blog, these are directed by Rintaro, an award winning anime director. Rintaro directed the much-respected, award winning, Metropolis. While these are being produced for the east-asian market, here’s hoping that they are brought to the US as well.


The more things change….

…the more they stay the same.

The Pirate Bay has been on trial for about a week now. Today, they posted a comic on their home page. It was funny and pretty accurate at the same time. Now I’m not condoning piracy, but I do find TPB to be a great source for downloading TV shows… Yes, I have DirecTV (I’ve complained about it before), so I do actually pay for the content. Anyway, enjoy the comic.

Update: Here’s the original artist of this comic.