So, I’m sitting here, working away and my cell phone rings.  I look up and the caller ID shows “1108” ….  Hrm..  well, that’s odd, but I’ve seen some pretty odd stuff show up on the caller ID for my cell, so I answer the call.

“Hello, this is <unintelligible> from Domain Registry Support, and I speaking with …”

I own a few domain names, and I had just registered one with GoDaddy a few days ago, so I thought, perhaps, that this was a call from GoDaddy.  But why call themselves “Domain Registry Support?”  As I listened, however, I discovered that it was not GoDaddy at all.  This gentleman wanted to verify my contact information, as it was listed in whois.  This particular domain is registered via Network Solutions, so I asked him if that was who he worked for.  He told me, again, that he worked for “Domain Registry Support.”

This all took place in the first 30 or so seconds of the call.  His insistence on not giving me any information made me suspect of the call.  My wife has been contacted a number of times by a credit card scammer, trying to get our information, so I’ve been leery to give out any information to people who call me.

So, I asked the gentleman to hang on a moment and popped up a web browser.  I verified the name of the company again and started a Google search.  Surprise, surprise, I received a page of links about phishing schemes, scams, and assorted complaints.  Unfortunately, as soon as I started typing, my friendly scammer hung up..  Oh well…