MacHeist – Software for Charity

This past christmas, I was made aware of a interesting site called Macheist. They go through a lot of trouble to create an elaborate story with lots of twists, turns, and some really tough puzzles, just to give away software.. All of the software given away is developed by independent developers.

The latest heist, Macheist 3, just finished the other day. Today, the bundle was released. In short, you get a ton of software for the low price of $39. 25% of that goes to various charities. You can either choose a single charity, or split it amongst all of them. Once the total sold hits a certain amount, additional apps are released for download.

This years Macheist bundle has the following apps:

World of Goo
Wiretap Studio
The Hit List
and Big Bang Board Games (For the first 25,000 buyers)

Oh, and you get EventBox free, just for checking out the site.

All said and done, if all apps are unlocked, the bundle is worth just under $1000. And there’s some great software here, too. I highly recommend World of Goo, it’s an amazing game. In addition, there are various tools for photo editing, sound editing, cooking, and more. Definitely worth the $39 purchase.

So, if you’re interested, you can use this link. Full disclosure, that’s a referral link. Why? Because if you use it and purchase the bundle, it unlocks additional software, Pop Pop and the Koingo Utility Package. The Utility Package is a collection of 20 apps. If you’re not into the referral thing, that’s cool, just use the link up towards the top of the page, or go to yourself. But hurry, you only have until April 7th.