The PS3 Cometh

So today’s the day. November 17th. The official launch date of the Sony Playstation 3.

Looks like I’ll be missing out on the launch day fun as I don’t have the cash to purchase this new behemoth. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing. There have been scattered reports of problems already ranging from simple backwards compatibility concerns, to DPMI downsampling. As with most launches, things generally don’t go smoothly.

Even before the launch, there was the usual problem of muggings, rowdiness in the lines, etc. Since then, reports of scratched PS3s, downsampling, and backwards compatibility have come out.

Not owning an HDTV, I don’t much care about the downsampling. And I don’t own any of the games on the no-play list, so I’m not too worried. Of course, the downsampling and backwards compatibility issues may be resolved in firmware updates, but it’s still something to think about.

One really positive note, however. Apparently the PS3 supports homebrew. It’s about time Sony. Now how about the PSP?

So maybe this lack of money will be a blessing? Only time will tell. At the very least, by the time I can afford one, it will either be a success or a failure, and many of the original bugs will likely have been worked out.