They’re Watching You… (Book Review: Little Brother)

My good friend Wil Wheaton (yeah, we’ve never met.. or talked…) mentioned a captivating book he read a few months ago. What really caught my attention was that he handed the book off to his son because he thought it was a book he could share with him. Having children myself, I decided to take a look at the book to see what all the fuss was about. That book is called Little Brother .

Little Brother is a book about a teenager caught up in global events that forever change his life. After a terrorist attack in his neighborhood, the Department of Homeland Security swoops in to save the day. What follows is a terrifying look into the future of our own country as privacy erodes and Big Brother takes over.

Cory Doctorow weaves a tale that is not only believable, but may be an eery foreshadowing of real events. It is a glaring reminder that we, as citizens, must ensure that the government continues to serve rather than control us.

I heartily recommend checking this book out. Cory has released Little Brother under the Creative Commons License and has it available as a free download on his website. I strongly encourage you to support Cory and buy a copy if you like the book. And if you like Cory’s work, his website has free downloads of other stories he has written.