phpTodo 0.7 Released!

After 7 months a new version of phpTodo has arrived. I’ve spent the last month or so working on this and polishing it up. I think I have a pretty decent release put together.

New additions include a “Next Action” field, validated RSS feeds, UI enhancements, and tons of bug fixes. You can read all about the enhancements and bug fixes in the release itself, so head over and download it!

Future plans include adding ATOM 1.0 support, sub task support (todos for your todos!), group support (so you can assign a single task to multiple people), and more. I’d like to eventually migrate into an entire management system that can be used for project management.


I’d love to hear any feedback regarding this project. This is my first sourceforge project and really the first open source code I’ve released into the wild. So please feel free to leave me comments!

5 thoughts on “phpTodo 0.7 Released!”

  1. It looks good. One thing I missed though was contexts in addition to categories (“errands’, “online” and so on). I know many people just use category for for context and do not keep track of what is personal and what business but sometimes it’s really handy to have both.

    At the moment I do GTD on my Palm and most software for it also has this same limitation.

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