And now, a brief intermission

This is a technical blog, and as such, I have endeavored to resist posting personal, religious, and political views that do not directly relate to technology.  I feel that, up to this point, I’ve done a pretty good job with this.  But, occasionally, there is something that I really want to share that makes me re-assess this decision and weigh it against the intended purpose of this blog.

I started this blog on a whim, as a way of getting information out there.  A way of offering my own view on technology, and maybe even helping someone out.  In the end, however, it is my blog, and it’s a place I can post my own thoughts.  And so, I’ve decided to share this with you.  Feel free to skip over it, it’s not technical in nature.  But it did get me thinking, and it has made an impact on me.


On March 18th, Barack Hussein Obama, currently running for the democratic presidential nomination, made a speech in Philadelphia, PA.  In it, he addresses the issue of race in America, but not in a way many people have heard it addressed.  He addresses both sides of the issue.  And then he brings them together and explains, in simple terms, the reason race is still such an issue today.

Never have I ever heard this explained in such as way as to make me feel that someone else truly understands my own frustrations with the state of this country.  I’m not racist, and I never have been.  But like so many others, I still find myself scared when walking in a neighborhood not dominated by others of my own color.  I find myself frustrated when jobs, benefits, and more are given to people based solely on their race, and not on their qualifications.  I find myself outraged when simple issues are blown out of proportion, simple because they involve a minority or possibly offended someone.

In this speech, Barack pinpoints and explains these issues, and brings them into the open for everyone to see.  He explains not only how, and what, but why.  I think he truly understands, and truly feels that he can make a change for the better.  And that is why I plan on voting for him.

This speech is incredibly inspiring.  It was written by him, not by an aide, or a staff writer.  These words are his own, and he says them with conviction.  So, without further ado, Mr. Barack Obama.

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